PMP Certificate EXAM experience on 09-Dec-2020

I said to myself that one of the special moment in my life.

I had pass the exam with “PASS” result. So I shared this to the community and thank you to all my teachers.

Everyone congrats me with very nice word.

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Message feedback from Joe (Udemy) ! via
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Message feedback from Ray! (PMPwithRay) via
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Capture from Prof. Piboon (PM Knowledger) who congrats me via LINE

My material:

-Udemy Joe PMP Course

-Local training PMP

-PMP Prepcast

-PMP with ray (Search on youtube and watch his all videos)

-PMBOX with Ricardo vargas (Search on youtube and watch the video 5 times)


-The PMP Exam How to Pass on Your First Try by Andy Crowe

-Head First PMP (Previous version)

-Read And Pass Notes For PMP Exams

During practicing & preparation:

My suggestion are:-

1. Read the books and try to understand relavance knowledge area and draw diagram interface during process. (ITTO)

2. Go to practice the Prepcast and understand the low score result will be your final result.

I’ve always get only 50–65 scores on Prepcast and never beyond that. (Honestly speaking, I feel so scare everytime I saw my score.)

Learn from your mistake and put them into the error logs.

3. Go back to read relate to the error logs or weakness areas and You know it will be improved surely.

The date of the exam:

My suggestion are:-

1. Prepare yourself by draft the knowledge area and input output before the exam start counting the time.

(During Introduce Exam in the room. You will have time for 5–8 minutes)

2. PMP allow to break like half time of soccer but it’s only for 10 mins. Try to fresh yourself.

(I walked and jumped outside the room : D)

3. Carefully plan your time. I’ve my ratio compare the exam duration time.

4. If you sit the exam place. You can request “Ear Plug” to help you focus and reduce noise from others.

5. If you are not native speaker or fluent reading English skill. Be carefully about tense “… should you have done? … should you have do next… should you have do….? kind like that…”


Keep moving forward!

and smile

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